Titles: The Passionate
Home: ????
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Love, Beauty
Worshipers: Artists, Lovers, Bards, Elves
Cleric Alignments: CG, CN, NG
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Good Love
Blessings: Chaos, Charm, Good
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Symbol: A Rose
Sacred Animal: Colorful Birds
Sacred Colors: Rose Red


Callie encourages creativity and inspires the world. She challenges her faithful to test their limits, share what they create, and delight in the gifts of others. Callie preaches (and practices) that true beauty comes from within, and she favors romances not based solely on lust.


The deity of romantic love, sexual desire, and physical beauty, Callie embodies those ideals.True to her nature, Callie has not only inspired other deities to acts of passion (with each other and with mortals), but has indulged in several affairs of her own.

Callie embodies the joy of passion, freedom, and whimsy. Her brand of passion creates rather than destroys life, and she celebrates the beauty of life in all forms. Laughter-loving Callie urges her followers to take whatever pleasure can be extracted from life without allowing social structures to squelch their freedom, their creativity, or their passion. Though she promotes the ideas of good, she does not demand that anyone takes up arms to promote it. Though her own actions have provoked great conflicts, Callie would prefer to see mortals make love rather than war.


She appears as a human woman of phenomenal beauty, dressed in a simple gown and adorned with jewelry. She is usually smiling and in fact is often called “smile-loving” or “laughter-loving Callie.”

Divine Intervention

Divine Servants

Knights of Callie are devoted to courtly love, but also are at the ready to defend the innocent. Many serve to ease their own pain of hearts broken from loss. They are willing to protect others from experiencing the same heartbreak.

Church of Callie

Love, Callie claims, can cure all the ills of the world. She urges that love and beauty be protected and celebrated wherever it is found. Clerics of Callie are starry-eyed and always looking for signs of love and beauty in the people and places around them. They bless young lovers, perform marriages ceremonies, create works of art, and travel to see beautiful people and fantastic sights. Some are diplomats, while some are crusaders against hate.

Worshipers and Clergy

Callie's clerics are matchmakers, dispensers of advise to the lovelorn, and general meddlers in other people's personal business. They are also prominent hedonists, seeking out every opportunity to enjoy what pleasures this world offers before moving onto the next. Most are gentle and peaceable, and few find any reason to adventure. Those that do adventure generally do so out of a belief that their actions can improve the world, making it a more peaceful place where love and beauty can flourish in the absence of violence and evil.

Temples and Shrines

Callie’s temples are beautifully decorated with fine art and precious implements. They are usually found only in cities. Temples to Callie are filled with art and are partial to music during the day hours. They tend to be architectural marvels, and architects and builders frequently vie for the honor to build or repair a temple of Callie in order to show off their skills. Most settlements have at least a shrine or altar dedicated to Callie, but only the largest cities can really afford to house a temple dedicated to just her.

Holy Texts

The church of Callie tends to collect all love poems, songs and stories and holds them as sacred.


The church of Callie celebrates Rose Festival in the 2nd month on the 14th day.

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