Cache One Found

DM Name:


Experience: (self explanatory)
324 xp each

Treasure: (items gained money ect)
Kingdom- ammo 100 count of arrows, bolts, bullets for sling and gun,a spinning wheel, 1 MW punching daggers, 5 MW crossbows light, 5 MW battleaxes, 5 MW warhammers, 5 MW muskets double barreled, 4 padded leather, 4 leather, 4 chainshirt, 26 gold bars, tapestry of legendary monsters (priceless)

Pandora- onyx (50gp), carnelian (50gp), scroll of magic weapon, moonstone (45gp), +1 dagger, 5 potions of cure light wounds, 12gp

Rin- freshwater pearl (11gp), club, potion of jump, 2 MW punching daggers, 5 cure light wound potions, 2 +1 cestus, masterwork studded leather, 12gp, Azurite (9gp)

Bjorne- hematite (10gp), Fire-resistant boots, Obsidian (7gp), 5 cure light wounds potions, +1 rapier, masterwork chainshirt, green Spindel (40g), Malachite (12gp), 12gp

Aliya- turquoise (10gp), Malachite (9gp), Garnet (80gp), Ivory (40g), +1 handaxe, 5 cure light wounds potions, 12gp

Avaya- rock quartz (10gp), magic fang potion, lapis lazuli (10gp), 2 MW punching daggers, 5 cure light wounds potions, 2 +1 cestus, Agate (11gp), 12gp

Expenses: (arrows used money ect)
Bjorne - 1 CLW
Pandora- 1 CLW

Quest Date: Date of the quest
Quest Summary: First Cache found

xp rewarded by:TorridLife

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