Bluff Fastplay


Restriction: some lies are so improbable that it is impossible to convince anyone that they're true (GM discretion)
DC Base: opposed Sense Motive
DC Modifier: +5 target wants to believe you
DC Modifier: +0 lie is believable
DC Modifier: -5 lie is unlikely
DC Modifier: -10 lie is far-fetched
DC Modifier: -20 lie is impossible
DC Modifier: +5 target is drunk or impaired
DC Modifier: up to +10 you possess convincing proof
Dice Modifier: -10 on failed retry or impossible (GM discretion)
Check Frequency: 1 per use
Success: opponent convinced that your lie is true
Failure: opponent unconvinced that your lie is true
Time: 1 round or more (GM discretion)


Restriction: your opponent uses whichever base DC is higher to oppose the feint
DC Base: 10 + opponent's BAB + opponent's Wis bonus
DC Base: 10 + opponent's Sense Motive (must be trained)
Success: opponent loses his Dex bonus for your next attack
Failure: opponent keeps his Dex bonus for your next attack
Time: 1 standard action

Secret Messages (innuendo)

Restriction: your listener must be able to speak your language
DC Base: 15 (simple messages)
DC Base: 20 (complex messages)
DC Base: opposed Sense Motive for opponents to understand the message
Success: target understands the message
Failure: <= 4 you fail to deliver the message
Failure: >= 5 you deliver the wrong message
Time: GM discretion

Final Notes

Bonus In: +3 spell caster with viper familiar
Bonus In: +2 Deceitful (feat)
Bonus In: +4 Deceitful (feat) + Bluff (10 ranks)
Bonus In: +2 favored enemy

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