Blackbrook Investigation

DM Name: V


Both: 400 xp

Both: 262 gp

Chin: -1 CLW potion

Quest Summary:
Chin, Kylee, and Vesna answered the call for help to investigate how dangerous it was inside a former insane asylum that was reportedly haunted and/or cursed. Kylee was like "nuh uh", and left, while Chin and Vesna remained to offer their assistance. Come to find out, once inside, the building is infested (from what they've seen) by tons of zombies. Chin remained standing at a whopping 2 hp, while Vesna had been dropped, though remained stable. Lucky for them, the man who had hired them was alerted due to Chin banging on the door and saying the password; he promptly entered and killed the two remaining zombies and got Vesna out before twenty more came around the corner. From their count alone, there were at least 26. And this was just at the entrance… Who knows what other dangers lie deeper within. One things for certain, the building still stands and strange occurances are still happening all around it; this isn't the last time someone will step foot inside to rid of the small town of its dark curse.

DM Character Reward:
Loth: 900 xp / 502 gp

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