Between a Fiend and a Hard Place

Xp Awarded LegionDM


1.) Eyfura
2.) Xan
3.) Zerato

Treasure & Expenses:

1.) Zerato: -4 bolts, +933xp, 1099gp
2.) Eyfura: +933xp, 1099gp
3.) Xan: +1,100xp, 1099gp


The party traveled into Mount Moldova, using the conflict between Marionette's forces and Zeylon's undead to sneak into the mine shaft where they found the decomposed corpse of previous ally Kevin, the sorceror. It appears that the page was driving people into madness, convincing them that their suicide was a righteous sacrifice.

The party creatively avoided such a fate and came face to face with Zeylon's champion. Unable to defeat their stalker, they raced him to the exit, but continued to be stalled by Marionette's forces on the way to the exit. Marionette now heads to the Moaning Woods, north of where they were at now where the next page is said to reside and a possible confrontation with Marionette herself.

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