Belt Of Teeth

Aura faint transmutation
CL 1st
Slot belt
Price 4,000
Weight 3 lbs.

The brass buckle on this stout leather belt is fashioned to resemble three demonic faces.

Once each round, this belt’s buckle can animate, lashing out at a creature that provokes an attack of opportunity within 5 feet. This attack uses its wearer’s base attack bonus and Strength modifier, with a +4 competence bonus. It deals damage as a bite attack made by a creature of its wearer’s size (1d6 for a Medium wearer; see Table: Natural Attacks by Size) plus the wearer’s Strength modifier. This belt does not add to the normal number of attacks the wearer can make in a round; it offers another way in which to make attacks of opportunity.


Craft Wondrous Item
magic fang
Cost 2,000

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