Awakened Golem

Awakened Golems originate from the island of Vadalani and the nation of Avalie.

Awakened Golems are Golems that have become sentient due to the strange energies the island of Vadalani seems to possess. It can either be a natural phenomenon or it can be manually instigated by the most Prestigious of Vada spellcasters though the actual methods are rather obscure and still a greatest mystery to the greatest of minds.

Awakened Golems are very unique in the fact that they seem to be half alive. They need to eat, sleep and breathe and their stony flesh seems to be able to restore itself the way a human would naturally heal injuries.

Physical Description: Awakened Golems are nearly indistinguishable from their monstrous cousins. They are always carved from stone, and have distinctive monstrous features.

Society: Awakened Golems are often solitary creatures, unless they form bonds with other humanoids, They are obsessed with finding a means to procreate and identify themselves as sapient beings, like other species, but are acutely aware of how unlike them they are. Most Awakened Golems will cluster around the eldest awakened Golem, or the person who awakened them. Awakened Golems are frequently territorial, a remnant of their specific-purpose origins.

Sometimes Awakened golems decide to go to the city of Altasia and become protectors of the city and the Vada people most finding satisfaction in protecting their creator race.

Relations: Awakened Golems are often mistrustful of other races, assuming they seek to enslave, subvert, or harm them. This semi-xenophobic attitude often works against them, since members of other races often assume that Awakened Golems are monsters, who should be attacked or destroyed. Occasionally, these differences can be overcome, particularly if the social grouping of Golems has a wise or experienced leader, in which case a clan of Golems can make a steadfast and incredibly powerful ally. They tend to be a little more trusting of the Vadalani than any other race however, often calling them the creators or awakeners. It's not uncommon for a Awakened Golem to willingly serve a family of Vada descendant of the one who originally created them and awakened them.

Aligment and religion: Awakened Golems are often neutral. They have no motivations or governing factors beyond those that they make for themselves. Few find themselves under the sway of divine entities, though some will take on the role of protectors of churches or temples for faiths which support the balance of living things, or faiths with clergy willing to help them.

Male Names: Konjakos, Tachmarkarr, Jadmar, Rhaokjachim

Female Names: Chadastsya, Iskast, Sondirra, Thiemjasksda

+2 con +2 Wisdom -2 Dexterity: Awakened Golems are incredibly hardy and very perceptive, however they tend to move slow.
Type: Awakened Golems are humanoids with the Earth subtype.
Size: Awakened Golems are medium creatures.
Natural Armor: Awakened Golems receive +2 to natural armor
Base Speed: Awakened Golems move at a 20' rate and are never slowed down by encumbrance or armor.
Agelessness: Awakened Golems are immortal as they never die of old age, though they can be slain as any other creature by magic, disease, poison, or physical damage. Awakened Golems do not lose physical statistic points as a result of aging.
Stability: Awakened Golems receive a +4 CMB bonus to resist being tripped, bull rushed or dragged.
Immunity: Much like their creator race Awakened Golems are immune to Arcanium energy effects (but not an explosion), such as arcanium energy bursts and radiation. They do not need to make a fortitude roll to pick it up or touch it . If near a natural source of arcanium, they receive +1 bonus on all attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws and +1 hit points per Level . This must be a natural source of arcanium not manufactured refined it must be naturally still in its deposit.
Languages: Awakened Golems Speak Common and Vadalani, awakened Golems with high Intelligence scores can choose any language as a bonus language (except Druidic). See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages. The bonus languages are not retroactive if you increase your Intelligence score.

Height and Weight: Height 4,0 - 8,0 Weight 60 -500 pounds

Adult Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age Maximum Starting Age Min Starting Age
18 years 35 years 53 years 70 years None 100 years 18
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