Army Supply Cart

Description: While the Listran generals and high ranking leaders were decorating war heroes and patting themselves on the back after having taken the isle of Cirnes Listran foot soldiers were celebrating their own hero: a Man known only as Mr G. He was old, crotchety, and smoked a pipe. He also drove the Listran army's supply cart, a massive, rumbling behemoth of a wagon. While the old government had to fight on dried meat, cereals and whatever they could catch while traveling, Mr G. kept the invasion troops fed very well. Although He let no one but The Commander on his cart (he insisted on seeing why He was the best Tinker for the job), the Invasion force soon figured that He had more than food supplies on the cart. His stews had chunks of fresh meat, and his underlings hunted only every week or so. Mr G. had outfitted the inside of his supply cart with a large a Steam-powered stove. Shelves line the walls of the cart, making ample room for supplies.

The Army Supply cart or "ASC " as it is called now is used by civilians and military alike now usually the perfect vehicle for long expeditions into the wilderness however it is rather noisy and has a hard time getting through difficult terrain alot often getting stuck on things.

Operation (Cart): Vehicle Proficiency (land vehicles) to drive proficiently and DC 15 Use Technological Device checks to operate.

Operation (Kitchen): DC 20 Use Technological Device to operate. It takes 5 rounds to start the kitchen

Fuel: The army supply cart uses 1 vial of liquid phlogiston for every 3 hours cooking, and 1 vial for every hour driving.

AC: 14
Hardness: 5
Hitpoints: 40 hp
Size: Large
Speed: 15 miles per hour (165 feet a round)
Weight: 6,000 lbs
Cargo: 800 lbs
Crew: 4
Malfunction rating: 2
Craft DC: 33

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