Arkona Family


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Arkona Family
Type: Clan
Scope: International Vadalani, Cirnes
Structure: Familial
Motto: Family. Duty. Honor.


The Arkona started with Trevor as he is the first of his name. The Arkona family started from Trevor and when he married his slave Fiona Briarwood. They are the head of the family which has grown through their children and grandchildren. They come from a dragonic bloodline which started with Trevor and his half brother Nibas. These two brothers share the same father but different mothers. They are the only members of the Arkona family aside from their children.


They come from Gold dragons which shows the apple can fall from from the tree on that one. They are part of the Jorin Dova and are active within it. Not much is known about the family in Cirnes just that they are a fast rising family that came from Vadalani.

Current prospects

The Arkona family own their own Mining company. They have mines in Vadalani and Cirnes. They have expanded their operations to factories that are currently producing weapons. They also have a side venture in some special potions that they make, which brings in more revenue then their Mining does.


Trevor Arkona, Fiona Arkona, Falia Wisteria, Trevor Arkona II, Hector Arkona, Memnoch Arkona, Seraphine Arkona, Nerissa Arkona, Kyo Arkona, Kyoshu Arkona, Kinobou Arkona, Elysia Dhatri, Shilo Arkona, Alice Arkona, Astrae Kitsuki, Haven Arkona, Grace Kitsuki, Jonathan Kitsuki II, Miyuki Kitsuki, Noah Arkona, Olivia Arkona, Pandora Arkona, Memnoch Arkona II, Claire Arkona

Nibas Arkona, Blix Arkona, Cecilia Arkona, Hunter Arkona

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