Titles: Advisor to Kriv
Date Of birth: 3E 919
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Tengu
Class: Fighter
Homeland: Cal' Aranthe
Diety: -



His personality is a calm and kind one always willing to listen to opinions and freely gives it out to those that are willing to listen to him. But his kindness is not to be taken as a weakness. Arjhan is considered one of the strongest swordsmen the Tengu race has ever produced. Some even say that he is a reincarnation of his ancestor the original Arjhan.


Do not be fooled by his slender form. He is quite built and is far stronger than he looks. His white soft feathers helps to add to this illusion of being weak. His beak is long and pointed as he is not afraid to use it in a pinch amidst a fight. He dresses in clothing that is suited for his status among his people and not for the position as Adviser to Kriv this gives him a better chance to gain information.

Politics and Beliefs

Arjhan is Adviser to Chieftain Kriv and a childhood friend. He is considered the clan chief for the Tengu people and represents them whenever matters regarding the Tengu people are brought up.
Arjhan spent years as a warrior for his clan before he became clan chief. He has a vast military and diplomatic experience. He can be seen teaching younger Tengu and younger clan chiefs how to better their people.

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