Amulet Of Retributive Healing

Price (Item Level): 2,000 gp (6th)
Body Slot: Throat
Caster Level: 9th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 19) transmutation
Activation: Swift (command)
Weight: 1 lb.

Devoting your life to healing is often a thankless job. An amulet of retributive heal­ ing ensures that if you tend to your allies, you are renewed in turn. When you activate your amulet, the next effect you use before the end of your turn that heals another creature's damage also heals you of an equal amount, as long as you could be healed by that same effect. If the effect heals multiple creatures, you only gain the retributive healing once
per effect.

An amulet of retributive healing functions three times per day.

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