Allerian Pantheon

The Allerian Pantheon is a pantheon of gods who are said to be descended from the Goddess Alleria

Name Domain Alignment
Alaister God of Magic and Knowledge True Neutral
Alessa Goddess of noble war, skilled craftwork, prudence, and cities Lawful Good
Avasir King of the Pantheon Lawfull Good
Cadmus God of Music, Light the sun and healing Chaotic Good
Caine God of War Chaotic Evil
Callie Goddess of Beauty and a lesser Love deity Chaotic Good
Cerie Goddess of hearth and home Neutral Good
Eyvra Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility Lawful Good
Gavet God of Thieves, Mischief and Commerce Chaotic Good
Lyvalia Goddess of Marriage True Neutral
Nemyth Deity of wine, mirth, and madness Chaotic Neutral
Orus Keeper of the Underworld Neutral Evil
Samaria Goddess of Judgement Lawful Good
Yadira Goddess of Nature and the Hunt Neutral Good
Yarnos King of hell Lawful Evil
Zephyra Goddess of Discord and Strife Chaotic Evil
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