Titles: Overgod,the all mother
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Governance over all gods and ancients
Homeland: Past The Great dark beyond

Alleria is the overgod of Aldium


What Goes on in Aldium and what other deities do is of no concern to Alleria, as long as the deities uphold their individual portfolios and do not completely ignore their worshipers. For this reason is why Alleria even though is considered a diety and the all creator is not god that is commonly worshiped. More seen as the great mother of all the gods and the ancients.

Creation of the world

Alleria created the sphere that is known as Aldium. which was just a empty grey mist of nothingness in The great dark beyond. However out of this sphere the first two ancients where born Elishar the lord of light and Toldoth the lord of darkness

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