Size: Metropolis
Population: 70,000
Demographics: High-Elf 98%, Half-Elf 2%
Government: Monarchy
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Ruler: Arasinya Eleneth

The capital city for the elven kingdom of Lara.


The economy of Alisharia has always been its magical items, rivaling even Vadalani in production and distribution of them.


Queen Arasinya Eleneth, the elven monarch, is the ruler of Lara. Although she is an absolute monarch, Aransinya is a liberal queen who understands that freedom is one of the highest ideals of the elven people. She has a council of elders, one from each noble house, that give her advice, but she has the final word on everything.


Alisharia is full of natural wonders and beauty. It's pretty much surrounded by the silver forest and has walls constructed over the centuries; despite its large size, it can be easily missed if one doesn't know the way to the great city. To the far west is the great Duncan Range, which can be seen from the highest buildings and trees of the city; it can be an inspiration to most that take in this scene.


As far as the elven people are concerned, the city of Alisharia has always been. It dates as far back as the Larian kingdom itself.


Alisharia is made up almost entirely of elves, the rest of the population consisting of some half-elves wandering about the city. Although non-elf visitors are exceptionally rare, they are never subjected to anything worse than curious stares from the elven inhabitants, provided they keep to their designated areas.


The capital city mostly focuses on the worship of Yadira, though there are a few who worship The Ancients. Alisharia has the largest temple to Yadira in the known world; it's usually maintained by her clerics and druids, whom mentor the young and give advice to any that come seeking it. Outsiders are only allowed within certain areas of the temple and not inside the inner sanctums. There are a few temples for The Ancients within the city, but they are not as grand and glorious as the temple to Yadira.

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