Acid Gun

Description: In the ever-constant search to find what else they can fire from a gun, tinkers have created the acid gun. The acid is contained in specially treated wax pellets that serve as bullets. When fired, the heat from the gunpowder melts the wax and expels the acid in a wide spray. After people began getting acid burns after firing the weapon, tinkers decided that such a ridiculously dangerous weapon should be made safer by being sold
with safety gloves. So with every acid gun, the buyer receives free a pair of thick gloves, and must sign an affidavit saying he does not blame the creator if he fires the gun and gets acid on his hands.

Operation: The acid gun sprays acid in a 10-foot-long cone. Each creature caught in the acid takes 2d6 points of acid damage (DC 15 Reflex half). It requires no attack roll to use and thus no proficiency; however, firing an acid gun requires a DC 17 Use Technological Device check. It takes one round to load the acid gun with enough care to avoid burns.(Rapid reload does not affect this weapon)

Ammunition: Wax-encased acid pellets sell for $100 for 10 pellets.

Malfunction: The weapon takes 2d6 points of acid damage

HR: 1
Hp: 3
Size: Diminutive (weapon category: special, two-handed)
Weight: 2 lb.
MR: 3
Craft DC: 23

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