A Time Quest

DM Name: Ruin


Mistico 8867 exp
Gigi 1950 exp
Memnoch 3300 exp

Gigi ring of wizardr 4 100k (allows 4th level spells to be casted like a sorc)
mist +1 to armor (adjust your mil)
memnoch pearl of power (+9 spell points)


Attack Sphere: This device appears to be a steel sphere
about 10 inches across. When activated, it rises up into the
air, floating under its own power. As it does, tiny slits open
in its surface, producing blades, sharp points, and hooks. For
the next 10 rounds, any creature the activator attacks in
melee receives an attack immediately afterward from the
sphere as well, as it moves in close and slashes with its
blades. The sphere has an attack bonus of +10 and inflicts
2d6 points of piercing/slashing damage. It has AC 24 (+2
size, +4 Dexterity, +8 armor), a hardness of 20, and 60 hit


Disintegration Ray: Sometimes called the black ray, this ray
inflicts 6d6 points of damage as it blasts away the molecules
in a target’s body or the physical matter of an inanimate
object. If the damage is enough to slay a creature, or destroy
an object, it is entirely disintegrated. 3/day


Mandibled Staff: This 8-foot-long staff is made of
lightweight metal with a set of large metal prongs at
one end like a pincer or mandible. A wielder can
use it in melee as a reach weapon to inflict 1d8
points of damage. If the attack succeeds, the
wielder can begin a grapple (with a +2 circumstance
bonus to the grapple check due to the barbs on the mandibles)
with the target as a free action that does not provoke an attack
of opportunity. The target must be no larger than Large and no
smaller than Small. If the wielder gets a hold, the weapon
immediately injects the foe with a mild sedative poison
(Fortitude save, DC 18) that induces fatigue. A fatigued character
can neither run nor charge and suffers a –2 penalty to
Strength and Dexterity. Doing anything that would normally
cause fatigue causes the fatigued character to become exhausted.
After eight hours of complete rest, fatigued characters are
no longer fatigued. The grappled foe cannot grapple back or
attempt to inflict damage on the wielder until he gets free. This
two-handed weapon is used as a staff in all other respects.

Poison is 3/day

Xp Rewarded

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