A Fiendish Plot

XP Awarded LegionDM


1.) Draklaar
2.) Doc
3.) Chin
4.) Ryoko

Treasures & Expenses:

+10gp bonus to all
+300 XP to all
+400gp to all
Chin: +1 Scroll of Burning Hands, +1 Potion of Magic Stone
Doc: -2 crossbow bolts, +1 Potion of CLW
Ryoko: -1 CLW Potion (1d8+5), +1 Potion of Remove Fear
Drak: -2 CLW Potions (1d8+5), +1 Potion of CLW


Raphael, in his second attempt to hire adventurers, tracked down rumors of cult activity going on in the sewers beneath Lyria. He found a party interested and disguised himself as Rafael, calling himself Aegis and lead the party down into the sewers where they encountered a fiendish plot by Listran cultists to use the necronomicon page they found to summon the powers of Zeylon against the city of Lyria in hopes to reclaim it for the empire. The plans uncovered in the sewers reveals the page is hidden in a specific area of the Felwar Forest and is quite possibly guarded by Arphenion's undead.

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