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Aldium is a game that takes place on the planet of Aldium itself. Like many fantasy games, it has room for exploration, player-driven campaigns, adventures, and storylines.

This is a world where there are more wild than tamed lands. The creatures, which inhabit this place, are staggeringly beautiful and deadly, making the rapid spread of civilization and advancement difficult if not impossible. The age of exploration, which met with industry and expansion on Earth, did not have to deal with trolls, dragons, upset elementals, and druids shaking the earth around them. Here, taming the wild is often more trouble than its worth to a civilization and most are content with consolidating their gains in lands they have managed to mostly tame generations ago.

This means that while cities may provide bastions of safe haven, not withstanding areas of crime and lethal shadow wars among thief lords, the wilderness is a terrifying, unknown place where only the brave, foolish, desperate, or well-guarded venture. Merchants hire mercenary companies just to take their stock from point A to point B between beacons of civilization. What small settlements exist between larger cities and towns have frontier justice at best.

Feudal lords protect vast swaths of land to the best of their ability by demanding service, taxes, and arms from the local country folk, sometimes honestly fulfilling their oaths as leaders, and others living in luxury as legitimized thugs.

Exile in many lands is tantamount to capital punishment, as the expectations for survival on one's own diminish severely depending on the region. And in those areas so lucky as to have reigning cities and monarchies, the oppression of the ruling class typically means that the only way to advance beyond existing station is to take the risk of crime, adventure, or espionage, pulling in wealth through danger, or power through deception.

In addition, while some privileged bastions of civilizations do hold wonders like paved roads, lit streets, plumbing, and maybe even the occasional clockwork construct serving as a heavy engine of siege, the vast majority of the world can still expect to be shoveling hay with pitchforks and patching their cob walls and log fences, maybe enjoying the luxury of a horse to travel.

In short, whether in the comforts, false securities, and hypocritical justice purview of the city, or the raw, dangerous ravages of wild lands, there is a desperate, unfulfilled need for heroes all over this world.


The world of Aldium takes place in a persistent game world environment that uses homebrew Pathfinder and third party content for its game.

What does persistent mean? This game is not done in sessions like normal pen and paper; it is an ongoing roleplaying game with scenes, events, and quests.

Server and Channels

Server: This is the server Aldium uses for roleplay. For the Darkmyst server, go here.
#Aldium-Shoptalk: - Answers to your questions by staff may be delayed if events are in progress or staff members are currently unavailable. Click here to go straight to the Shoptalk channel.
#Aldium-OOC: This is where the community hangs out, chats with each other, and asks each other for roleplay or scenes. If no staff are on #Aldium-Shoptalk, just wait here in OoC and hang out! Click here to join us.

Roleplaying Channels

  • #Aldium: For all roleplay outside of the city of Lyria.
  • #Aldium-Lyria: For all roleplay within Lyria.
  • #Aldium-Tavern: For all roleplay within Serene Inn.

Questing Channels

  • #Aldium-Quest: Main quest room, where posts are made.
  • #Aldium-Quest-OOC: Quest OOC room, where discussions are had and rolls made.

Current Event

The armory of general augustus click here

Important Page Links

Getting Started - Go here first!

Rules - The rules you should know if you want to play here.

Quest Rules - The questing rules you should know if you want to quest.

Game Updates

Game Update Log

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